We have longstanding relationships with many of our clients in the architectural, design and construction industries. They trust us to handle the entire range of issues they face. The Real Estate Law Group at Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall is skilled at drafting, analyzing and negotiating the agreements required in these industries. This includes engineering and architectural contracts, construction management, joint venture agreements, and prime contracts, as well as equipment purchase, design-build contracts and bonding and construction insurance agreements. Our firm has over 40 years of experience in the National Capital Region. We are experts in the restrictions and processes that may affect construction, such as environmental assessments and regulations. The issues facing builders can seem endless. We provide clarity and direction.

The foundation of a building goes beneath the concrete slabs and pylons that support its physical structure; it extends into the legal underpinnings. Our ability to draw on the expertise of colleagues practicing in other areas of the law, including tax law, contract law and litigation, ensures we are able to meet our clients' needs and provide the best foundation for any project.

We are recognized for our unique expertise in construction law. Our commercial real estate lawyers helped lead the creation of the complex policy framework and legal structure for the Ontario Government’s participation in public-private partnerships. Our multi-faceted system has since been used for the construction of multiple hospitals in Ontario. This unique project touched many construction law applications, including design, financing, capital, ground lease and service documentation to permit the start of construction.