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Publications for 2007


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Gaining Access To A Neighbouring Property To Repair Your Own: What Are Your Options? - Chris P. Morris

December 04, 2007

Consider the following hypothetical situation: You require access to a neighbouring property in order to repair or make improvements to your property or building. Certain items on the ...

Protection of Trade-mark Rights and the Internet - Alain D. Bourassa

July 24, 2007

The problems with "cybersquatters", persons known to register domain names with the sole intention of profiting from them, is a serious issue to trade-mark owners seeking to establish an Internet ...

Meta-tags, Framing and Linking Issues - Alain D. Bourassa

January 23, 2007

The Internet not surprisingly, is an area incubating new forms of unfair competition, as well as adapted versions of old tricks. Therefore, it follows that on the Internet vigilance is vital and ...