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Publications for April 2009


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Will the Proposed New Insider Reporting Rules Affect You? - David J. Lowdon

April 28, 2009

The Canadian Securities Administrators have recently published a new proposed National Instrument 55-104 - Insider Reporting Requirements and Exemptions (“NI 55-104”) to replace a ...

Non-competition clauses: Employers must be reasonable - Karin Pagé

April 28, 2009

Non-competition clauses are often included in employment contracts or in agreements for the purchase and sale of a business, serving to prevent a person from working in a particular field within ...

Insider Trading Explained - Robert P. Kinghan

April 21, 2009

The current uncertainty of the global market has heightened public awareness of the stock-market and its players.  In this vein the rules prohibiting "Insider Trading", or the buying and ...