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Publications for June 2016


Recent News & Articles

La revente des billets pour un profit en Ontario… d’autres limites à l’horizon? (in French only) - By Eric D'Aoust, Litigation Lawyer

June 23, 2016

PDF DOWNLOAD Nous avons tous vécu ce scénario : nous attendons patiemment à notre ordinateur pour mettre nos mains sur des billets pour un concert très attendu, ...

Investment and New Capital Raising Exemptions for Start-ups, Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in Ontario - By Philip M. Aubry

June 20, 2016

PDF DOWNLOAD With the decline of our dollar and oil prices, there is some good news for investors in Ontario as private market investments in Ontario that were once only available to ...

Property and Assets in the Digital Age - By Anthony McGlynn, Co-Chairman & Partner, Head of Personal Legal Needs and Estate Planning & Administration Groups

June 01, 2016

PDF DOWNLOAD Traditionally when people are planning the distribution of their estates, they would consider their assets and decide how to distribute their assets, after dealing with any ...