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Publications for September 2016


Recent News & Articles

Joint and Several Liability: What does being 1% liable mean? - By Alexandra Ormond, Articling Student

September 30, 2016

PDF DOWNLOAD The 1% rule compels a defendant who may only be 1% at fault to pay the plaintiff’s entire judgment. The “1% rule” comes from s. 1 of the Negligence Act: Where ...

Canadian Patent Office Shortens the Time Between Payment of the Final (Issue) Fee and Issuance of the Resulting Patent from Ten to Eight Weeks (With a Further Reduction Coming) - Solomon M.W. Gold, Patent & Trade-mark Agent

September 28, 2016

PDF DOWNLOAD Over the summer, the Canadian Patent Office announced that it would be amending its process for issuing patents by reducing the time between payment of the final fee in a pending ...

VIDEO BLOG - MANAGEMENT BUYOUT AS A SUCCESSION PLAN OPTION - By Robert P. Kinghan, Partner & Head of the Business Law Group

September 12, 2016

There are many techniques and structures that a privately held business owner may consider in planning for the succession of the business. One such succession option is the management buyout. ...

What is a “Rule 49” Offer to Settle? - By Alexandra Ormond, Articling Student

September 02, 2016

PDF DOWNLOAD The majority of legal cases settle before trial, and recent statistics show the number of settled cases to be as high as 95% in Ontario. This is likely due to Rule 49 of the Rules ...