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Publications for January 2017


Recent News & Articles

What’s New in Real Estate – Exploring Recent Changes to the Land Transfer Tax Act in Ontario - By Patrick N. Aubry

January 20, 2017

PDF DOWNLOAD On December 8, 2016, Bill 70, Building Ontario Up for Everyone Act (Budget Measures), 2016, received royal assent (the “Bill”). Amongst other things, the Bill has made ...

When can an Employee’s Off-Duty Conduct give rise to disciplinary action? - By Karin Pagé, Litigation Lawyer

January 16, 2017

An employee may be disciplined, and even terminated for cause, where his or her off-duty conduct interferes with and prejudices the employer’s business interests and operations, or its ...

Brexit, European Patents and the Unified European Patent - By Adrian O'Donnell, Patent Specialist

January 11, 2017

PDF DOWNLOAD Whilst a lot of hot air has been expelled over “Brexit” and its potential impacts on the UK and the European Union the question of how it impacts intellectual property ...

The Value of Intellectual Property Registration - By Solomon Gold, Patent and Trademark Agent

January 05, 2017

PDF DOWNLOAD Deciding not to apply for registration of your intellectual property can leave your business inadequately protected Business people do not have access to unlimited funds, and they ...