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Publications for February 2018


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Genetically Modified Biological Materials - Wendy Lamson, Partner & Patent Agent

February 26, 2018

PDF DOWNLOAD Patenting isolated, naturally-occurring biological sequences still a green light in Canada As U.S. patent practitioners can tell you, patent claims directed to naturally occurring ...

Patenting Dosage Regimes in Canada: The Patent Office Loosens its Reins - Wendy Lamson, Partner & Patent Agent

February 15, 2018

PDF DOWNLOAD Overview Similar to Europe, methods of medical treatment are generally not considered patentable subject matter in Canada.[1]    Usually converting a method of ...

Start up financing: play it SAFE, or take notes? - Brian Kells, Business Law Lawyer

February 12, 2018

PDF DOWNLOAD If you want to make your business dream a reality your company probably needs to raise or borrow money. Your family, friends, and close business associates are likely the first ...

Changes to the Voluntary Disclosures Program Effective March 1, 2018 - Alanna Mar, Tax Lawyer

February 05, 2018

PDF DOWNLOAD On March 1, 2018, a revised Voluntary Disclosures Program (“VDP”) run by the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) will come into effect that will narrow the ...

China & India Make Software Patenting Easier - Adrian O'Donnell, Patent Agent

February 01, 2018

PDF DOWNLOAD No matter the path to establishing intellectual property rights one reaches a “put up or shut up” point where we reach a final deadline to file in any jurisdictions that ...