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  • Solomon M.W. Gold
  • Partner, Patent & Trade-mark Agent
  • Direct Line: 1.613.566.2748
  • Email:

Solomon Gold, a patent and trade-mark lawyer and agent with over 24 years of experience, joined the Intellectual Property Group of Perley-Robertson, Hill and McDougall in 2015.

Sol’s practice focusses on patent prosecution relating to chemical subject matter. He assists clients in obtaining the strongest possible Canadian patent protection for their inventions in a cost-effective manner. He analyses objections raised by the Patent Office during the examination of an application and works with clients to develop strategies for addressing and overcoming them. He also assists with making voluntary amendments to pending applications when such action is in a client’s best interests.

Mr. Gold's client activities involve companies operating in the chemical field, including those that develop pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides, petroleum products, polymers and household products.

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