Presentation on International Humanitarian Aid: Sweden

By Warren Creates
July 10, 2018

Warren Creates, Co-Founder of the Canadian charitable Foundation Can-Go Afar, was a delegate for the recent Afar Unity Congress held in Sweden (June 30-July1, 2018). He was joined by Co-Founder Ahmed Youssef Ahmed and by Law Professor Joseph Magnet. This was a historic gathering that achieved solidarity and renewal of the Afar people’s assertion of their rights under international humanitarian law in Eritrea. The timing for this Congress was very important in view of the unprecedented peace talks now being conducted between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Professor Magnet introduced the EANC Uppsala Declaration signed by all delegates, which provides the founding constitutional principles which the Afar people are asserting in Eritrea.  Attached photo from the Congress, the presentation on international aid and its relevance to both preserving life but also humanitarian advocacy given to the 200 delegates by Warren.


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