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People and skills are an international commodity. We help bring your business the skills you need. We also represent families and individuals.  We are proud to have one of the highest success records of any immigration law group in Canada: more than 95%!

The global nature of business today and migration means that people are on the move more than ever before.  The Immigration Law Group at Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall advises clients on critical considerations for bringing employees to Canada to ensure they have access to the deepest possible pool of talent. We walk both business and individual clients through the labyrinth of the Canadian immigration system to ensure they attain their immigration goals effectively and efficiently. We analyze each situation with your business needs in mind, develop a customized resolution strategy, and recommend suitable options to achieve the most effective results. Should escalation be required in appealing a government decision or a tribunal ruling, we are also experienced in immigration litigation.

Our Immigration Law Group provides professional and sound legal counsel in a range of areas, including:

  • Permanent Residency (Economic, PNPs, Family Sponsorship)
  • Study Permit, Work Permit, and Visitor Visa
  • Business Immigration
  • LMIA and LMIA-exempt work permits
  • Entertainer / Athlete/ Sports Coach Visas
  • CUSMA Permits (Canada, U.S.A, Mexico)
  • Intra-company transferees (ICT)
  • Citizenship
  • Refugee Claims and Protection
  • Humanitarian Applications
  • Litigation and Appeals

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