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Businesses today operate in a faster and more unpredictable environment than ever. At Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall LLP/s.r.l., we believe law firms need to respond to this environment by providing flexible legal solutions.

Typically, businesses have two choices when addressing a need for legal services, they can; (1) retain a law firm at standard hourly rates or (2) hire in-house counsel. The latter involves hiring a new employee, while the first option may not fit a need that requires an in-house integration approach.

At Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall, we can also offer Alternative Legal Services to fit your legal requirements. These services include the following:

Embedded in-house counsel – Having a dedicated lawyer onsite can help achieve results. Embedded in-house counsel provides your business with legal support on a temporary basis for a defined period, allowing businesses the opportunity to access leading, on-demand legal expertise.

Interim general counsel transitions – We provide legal expertise to businesses who do not have in-house counsel and are seeking a short-term solution by retaining a lawyer on a temporary basis. This ensures that legal matters and projects remain on track throughout the transition up until a permanent lawyer is brought onboard.

Legal supplementation – Legal supplementation allows access to legal talent that complements your organization’s existing internal legal team. By bringing in an external knowledge expert to supplement the lack of in-house know-how, businesses can take advantage of alternative resourcing as a means of curating a diverse, expert legal team.

There are several instances of when Alternative Legal Services may be required. Perhaps your business is embarking on a merger and acquisition program and requires a legal expert in-house for a short period of time. Or perhaps a key member of the internal legal team is on parental leave and you require temporary relief to fill their role. Legal supplementation could also mean the organization may be embarking on a detailed review of a critical area such as privacy, procurement, governance, or financing and requires an embedded legal resource for the duration of the project.

In all instances, Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall provides the expertise from a trusted source in all areas of Corporate Law, including:

– Mergers and Acquisitions

– Corporate and Securities

– Commercial Agreements

– Regulatory and Compliance

– Privacy

– Procurement

– Financing

– Fintrac Compliance

– Cross-Border Transactions

– Construction Law

– Insolvency and Restructuring

– Not-for-Profit, Charities and Institutions

– Private Equity

– Public Companies and Corporate Governance

– Technology

– Taxation

The expertise at Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall is profound and comprehensive. For more information on how these services might work for your organization, please contact a member of our Alternative Legal Services Team.


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