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There is no more difficult and emotional legal activity than dealing with family issues. At Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall we provide counsel to clearly and responsibly assess your issue, and representation that you can depend on going forward. Effectively dealing with complex family issues requires the ability to listen and understand your needs and goals and to skillfully advocate and negotiate on your behalf. For 50 years our Ottawa family lawyers have dealt with complex and personal family issues discretely and effectively, without exception.

Our team of family lawyers in the Ottawa region can help you in any area of family law, including pre-nuptial and cohabitation agreements; separation and divorce; custody and access; adoption; child and spousal support; equalization of property; pension adjustments; income tax advice; mediation and dispute resolution. These may sound like legal phrases, but they represent very real conditions for yourself and your family. You need the best representation to establish conditions you are satisfied with. Our experts will see you through your issues, from initial consultations and advice, to negotiations and all levels of arbitration, mediation or court proceedings (including case conferences, settlement conferences, trial management conferences, motions, trials and appeals).

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