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Wills are a well-named legal document. They represent the enactment of one’s desires and intentions. A will is a set of instructions on how to distribute your property in the event of your death, to loved ones, charities, institutions or whomever you wish to leave something to. It’s important to get it right.

The advice and assistance of Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall’s estate planning lawyers in the Ottawa area can give you the assurance that your will represents your intentions and that no complications will arise in fulfilling it. That means, taking the time to discuss exactly what your needs are. You can have the comfort of knowing your dependents will be taken care of, and your property will be properly passed on.

With proper planning you can save on taxes and probate fees for those you have named in your will, and you can name guardians for children who have not reached the age of majority. Planning for your family by leaving a will can also maintain family wealth, allow a family business to continue, and help avoid family conflict. Our estate planning experts, including tax law specialists, can advise you on fulfilling your personal needs and the needs of your loved ones, through your will.

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