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Today, business is very often a battle of ideas and inventions. Ideas flourish when they are protected, so that investment in research and development is rewarded. The Intellectual Property Law Group at Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall protects client innovation and invention.

Patent protection may be given to any invention considered novel, non-obvious and useful; the attributes which make them valuable and unique. To maximize the protection available in Canada and internationally, we recommend consulting our specialist at the earliest stage.

Our Intellectual Property Law Group offers a variety of professional legal services in the area of patents and patent law, including opinions on patentability, novelty, validity, title and infringement, as well as litigation of infringement and impeachment actions. Our team of Ottawa patent lawyers has deep expertise across a range of technical fields, as well as access to business law and litigation specialists. With agents registered to practice before the Canadian and U.S. Patent and Trade-mark Offices, we provide a range of agency services, ranging from preliminary searches for conflicting patents, as well as drafting, filing, and prosecution of patent applications. We also help businesses and venture capital firms establish the value of intellectual property.


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