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Your brand name and goodwill are the most valuable assets of your business, and your trade-mark is the visual representation of that commodity. Trade-marks are any word, phrase or symbol used to identify and distinguish one’s products or services and can be protected under the Canadian Trade-marks Act and other international legal systems.

The Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall Intellectual Property (IP) Law Group provides a full range of professional legal and agency services relating to trade-mark law, including preliminary searches for conflicting trade-marks; drafting, filing, and prosecution of applications for the registration of trade-marks; and representation in opposition matters. We provide opinions on the registrability of trade-marks, validity, title and infringement, as well as litigation where necessary.

We ensure our clients can capitalize on their earned goodwill and promotional investments by actively protecting and enforcing their trade-marks, in Canada and internationally.

If you are interested in beginning the trademark application process with one of our agents, please connect with us.

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