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Personal Injury

Personal injury law applies to injuries or death resulting from negligent or intentionally harmful actions. Victims or their families may be entitled to compensation. We advise anyone who finds themselves in such a situation to speak to one of our Ottawa personal injury lawyers to be advised of their rights. Individual or entities of any kind (companies, government agencies, associations, etc.), may be considered responsible for an accident, and required to pay damages to the victim or their family.

At Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall we work with accident victims and their families to help them navigate through the complex area of personal injury litigation. Examples of the kinds of accidents where compensation may be due are too numerous to list, but include car accidents, improper medical treatment, faulty products, and workplace injuries.

A good personal injury lawyer must be able to listen to their clients to understand the exact details of the situation; communicate at each stage of the case so that clients can make the best choices; and be knowledgeable in, and prepared to research, relevant case law. They must be skilled negotiators and experienced, aggressive courtroom representatives. Our personal injury lawyers in Ottawa are all these things. You want the confidence that your case is in the right hands. You will have that with our team.

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