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Arbitration & Mediation

Members of our Litigation Group have extensive experience with Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). ADR is used as an alternative to formal litigation. There are two forms of ADR: mediation, which is not binding, and arbitration, where binding decisions are made by third-party arbitrators chosen as acceptable to all parties. The advantages to ADR are the avoidance of the large costs, inconvenience and public exposure associated with litigation. Mediation can often resolve disputes satisfactorily at a fraction of the cost of litigation. Arbitration too is often less costly, and more efficient, convenient and private than litigation. These forums may also be used as a first step to try to resolve issues before litigation.

The Litigation Group at Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall primarily acts as representative for a party in a dispute, but we are also asked on occasion to act as arbitrators or mediators. We regularly employ mediation in the resolution of matrimonial cases and commercial disputes, including shareholder, contract and suppression disputes. Mediation is frequently employed in personal injury and employment disputes. Members of the Litigation Group also participate in arbitration in association with our labour law, employment law and human rights experts.


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